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Event & Wedding Paintings

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What To Expect

Have you ever wanted to be captured in a timeless oil painting? Now you can have your own personalized oil painting custom inspired by your life. Kim's Event Paintings is a creative and artistic gift, designed to inspire and evoke a magical moment in your life, through a painting.  These scenes can be captured at weddings, private events even fundraisers.


Do you want to make your wedding stand out and be unique? Yes, you do! I love painting, and that is why I have made it my career. I have trained and studied traditional painting for years and now I want to share my experience with you.


As your event painter, I will personally help you come up with the perfect location at your wedding venue to set up, paint and capture your moment while it's happening in real-time. Here are some ideas, lots of people choose to paint the nuptials, showcasing a beautiful vista others prefer an inside scene at the first dance, both ideas are great.

You can rest assured that I will be there all day with you and your guests. Here is what to expect. I arrive 5 hours early to set up and start painting the background scene while waiting for you and your guests to arrive at your wedding venue. Your art piece is created with oil paints giving you an amazing finish and beautiful color quality.


After your wedding, I will take your painting back to my studio, add important finishing touches and allow it to dry. Your painting gets a final necessary varnish, sealing and protecting it while bringing out the luminosity and depth you see in oil paintings. The process takes 3 months for full drying time, your painting will then be mailed directly to you. I promise it will be well worth the wait for something of this quality.


Pricing for Oil Painting

Canvas selection

A.   1 1/2" Thick Canvas - no framing needed

B.   1 1/2" Thick Wood Panel - no framing needed

C.   1/2" Canvas - personal frame to be added

D.   Wood Panel - personal frame to be added

E.   Linen Panel - personal frame to be added - additional cost



16" x 20" - $1,650

20" x 24" - $1,900

24" x 30" - $2,250

24" x 36" - $2,500

30" x 36" - $2,800

30" x 40" - $3,000

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