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Commissioned Paintings

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What To Expect

Have you ever considered commissioning a personal painting for a gift or for yourself, why not, it’s a great idea! Paintings are a beautiful emotional gift someone will truly appreciate, that enriches a home forever. Painting inspirations can come from several different sources, photos from a wedding, a special event, a trip, and even photos of your home or yard. I can also direct and help take photos as well as assist in selecting the perfect shot, making a great composition for your painting.

Lilly 1, 20 X 16_edited.jpg

Pricing for
Commissioned Painting

Commissioned art work can be painted on wooden flat boards or on a box frame called a cradle as well as various forms of canvases.

A.   1 1/2" Thick Canvas - no framing needed

B.   1 1/2" Thick Wood Panel - no framing needed

C.   1/2" Canvas - personal frame to be added

D.   Wood Panel - personal frame to be added

E.   Linen Panel - personal frame to be added - additional cost



16" x 20" - $ 1,000

20" x 24" - $ 1,400

24" x 30" - $ 1,800

24" x 36" - $ 2,400

30" x 36" - $ 2,900

30" x 40" - $ 3,400

Book Your Commissioned Piece Today!
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