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Weddings & Special Occasions

Commemorate your special event with a one-of-a-kind painting created live at your event!

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About Kim

Kim Karnes is an an Austin based artist who has been developing her oil painting and drawing skills since 2014. Prior to Austin she lived in the San Francisco area for 35 years. The meditative and diverse landscapes of Northern California have greatly influenced her work and color palette.

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What My Clients Are Saying About Me…

To those of you who are looking to memorialize your wedding celebration with a painting or two of special scenes, look no further than Kimberly Karnes as your artist…

Scott S


Knowing how important having a smooth running wedding day is, I, as your wedding day painter will arrive 3-5 hours before you and your guests, setting up and starting to compose the beginning of your painting. I will continue to be at your wedding until the end, having an interactive roll with your guests on your special day, capturing your life as it is happening in a memorable oil painting. 

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